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package rule
import (
// The HeaderPredicate should be alived on each of $package/rule BUT GOLANG DOESN'T SUPPORT type alias and I don't want to have so many copies around
// read more at ../../ruleset.go
// headerRule is a Rule witch receives and checks for a header predicates
// request headers on Claim and response headers on Valid.
type headerRule struct {
claim ruleset.HeaderPredicate
valid ruleset.HeaderPredicate
var _ Rule = &headerRule{}
// Header returns a new rule witch claims and execute the post validations trough headers
func Header(claim ruleset.HeaderPredicate, valid ruleset.HeaderPredicate) Rule {
if claim == nil {
claim = ruleset.EmptyHeaderPredicate
if valid == nil {
valid = ruleset.EmptyHeaderPredicate
return &headerRule{
claim: claim,
valid: valid,
// HeaderClaim returns a header rule which cares only about claiming (pre-validation)
func HeaderClaim(claim ruleset.HeaderPredicate) Rule {
return Header(claim, nil)
// HeaderValid returns a header rule which cares only about valid (post-validation)
func HeaderValid(valid ruleset.HeaderPredicate) Rule {
return Header(nil, valid)
// Claim validator
func (h *headerRule) Claim(ctx *context.Context) bool {
return h.claim(ctx.Request().Header.Get)
// Valid validator
func (h *headerRule) Valid(ctx *context.Context) bool {
return h.valid(ctx.ResponseWriter().Header().Get)