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Add a badge to your open-source projects powered by Iris by pasting the below code snippet to the project repo's


Editors & IDEs Extensions

Visual Studio Code

Please feel free to list your own Iris extension(s) here by PR

How to upgrade

go get -u

Go version 1.13 and above is required.


More than 180 practical examples, tutorials and articles at:

Active development mode

Iris may have reached version 12, but we're not stopping there. We have many feature ideas on our board that we're anxious to add and other innovative web development solutions that we're planning to build into Iris.

Can I find a job if I learn how to use Iris?

Yes, not only because you will learn Golang in the same time, but there are some positions open for Iris-specific developers the time we speak.

Go to our facebook page, like it and receive notifications about new job offers, we already have couple of them stay at the top of the page:

Do we have a Community chat?


How is the development of Iris economically supported?

By people like you, who help us by donating small or large amounts of money.

Help this project deliver awesome and unique features with the highest possible code quality by donating any amount via PayPal. Your name will be published here after your approval via e-mail.