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hero dependency injection: func (...<T>) iris.Handler can be generated to a simple iris handler if <T> are static dependencies 3 months ago
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configuration_test.go Add Configuration.RemoteAddrHeadersForce as requested at #1567 and change RemoteAddrHeaders from map to string slice 1 year ago
doc.go implement #1536 with (SetRegisterRule(iris.RouteOverlap)) 1 year ago
go.mod replace optimized json encoder and decoder as requested at #1818 1 day ago
go.sum minor 1 day ago
iris.go New iris.WithKeepAlive(time.Duration) Configurator is added as a helper to enable TCP listener featured with keep-alive 7 months ago

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This is the under-development branch. Stay tuned for the upcoming release v12.2.0. Looking for a stable release? Head over to the v12.1.8 branch instead.

Try the official Iris Command Line Interface today!

Due to the large workload, there may be delays in answering your questions.

Iris Web Framework

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Iris is a fast, simple yet fully featured and very efficient web framework for Go.

It provides a beautifully expressive and easy to use foundation for your next website or API.

Simple Handler
package main

import ""

type (
  request struct {
    Firstname string `json:"firstname"`
    Lastname  string `json:"lastname"`

  response struct {
    ID      uint64 `json:"id"`
    Message string `json:"message"`

func main() {
  app := iris.New()
  app.Handle("PUT", "/users/{id:uint64}", updateUser)

func updateUser(ctx iris.Context) {
  id, _ := ctx.Params().GetUint64("id")

  var req request
  if err := ctx.ReadJSON(&req); err != nil {
    ctx.StopWithError(iris.StatusBadRequest, err)

  resp := response{
    ID:      id,
    Message: req.Firstname + " updated successfully",

Read the routing examples for more!

Handler with custom input and output arguments

Interesting? Read the examples.

package main

import (

type (
  request struct {
    Firstname string `json:"firstname"`
    Lastname  string `json:"lastname"`

  response struct {
    ID      uint64 `json:"id"`
    Message string `json:"message"`

func main() {
  app := iris.New()
  mvc.Configure(app.Party("/users"), configureMVC)

func configureMVC(app *mvc.Application) {

type userController struct {
  // [...dependencies]

func (c *userController) PutBy(id uint64, req request) response {
  return response{
    ID:      id,
    Message: req.Firstname + " updated successfully",

Want to see more? Navigate through mvc examples!

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📖 Learning Iris

Create a new project

$ mkdir myapp
$ cd myapp
$ go mod init myapp
$ go get # or @v12.2.0-alpha2
Install on existing project
$ cd myapp
$ go get
Install with a go.mod file
module myapp

go 1.16

require master


$ go mod download
$ go run main.go
# OR just:
# go run -mod=mod main.go

Iris contains extensive and thorough documentation making it easy to get started with the framework.

For a more detailed technical documentation you can head over to our godocs. And for executable code you can always visit the ./_examples repository's subdirectory.

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You can request a PDF and online access of the Iris E-Book (New Edition, future v12.2.0+) today and be participated in the development of Iris.

🙌 Contributing

We'd love to see your contribution to the Iris Web Framework! For more information about contributing to the Iris project please check the file.

List of all Contributors

🛡 Security Vulnerabilities

If you discover a security vulnerability within Iris, please send an e-mail to All security vulnerabilities will be promptly addressed.

📝 License

This project is licensed under the BSD 3-clause license, just like the Go project itself.

The project name “Iris” was inspired by the Greek mythology.