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  Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos d26b9bfbed
Add Strict option to httptest as requested at: #1722 7 months ago
  Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos 8aedf6bc32
:) 8 months ago
  Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos 1864f99145
New JWT features and changes (examples updated). Improvements on the Context User and Private Error features 11 months ago
  Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos 4065819688
New: i18n pluralization and variables support and more... 11 months ago
  Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos d697426cb6 minor 1 year ago
  Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos beb67dc495 testing: add a 'Do' helper that accepts http.ResponseWriter and http.Request for integration with the standard net/http/httptest package for easier transition from net/http and other frameworks into Iris 1 year ago
  Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos 116503a9a5 add LogLevel/WithLogLevel in Configuration and run Configurators before Build state 1 year ago
  Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos a111c67241 use a custom version of httpexpect which removes things that Iris or its users not use at all in order to reduce the download filesize 1 year ago
  Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos ffc493a0b9 add authenticated-controller example - proof of concept 1 year ago
  Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos 3945fa68d1 obey the vote of @1370 (77-111 at this point) - add import suffix on iris repository 1 year ago
  Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos bd5f96086b Add status code 103 Early Hints. Add the ability to customize and change the order of controller's fields and their registered valid dependencies relative to: #1343 2 years ago
  Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos a7635afe62 add experimental handlers examples 2 years ago
  Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos ccafe67c80 nothing important here 2 years ago
  Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos 137c41344d Updated all dependencies one by one to go.mod - Backup and remove the vendor folder entirely and update most of the examples - next commit will contain the rest of the updated 2 years ago
  Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos d0104defa8 create the new FileServer and HandleDir, deprecate the rest APIBuilder/Party static methods and more 2 years ago
  Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos 7af5f139e0 fix typo 2 years ago
  Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos 3fcc70b891 init of v11.2.0: add context#FullRequestURI and NewConditionalHandler 2 years ago
  Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos 3962710d3d Version 11 released. Read https://github.com/kataras/iris/blob/master/HISTORY.md#su-21-october-2018--v1100 2 years ago
  Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos f365be3c62 remove 'WithoutVersionChecker', update and test the new versions of some of the dependencies, add a history entry with unknown release date 3 years ago
  Gerasimos Maropoulos fcff62d5b4 Some minor but helpful additions, like `CookieOption`. Relative: https://github.com/kataras/iris/issues/1018. Simple cookies example added too. Cookie encoding (side by side with the already session's cookie id encoding) and version upgrade will come tomorrow with a new HISTORY.md entry as well, stay tuned! 3 years ago
  Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos bf13f7648a add vscode extension link and badge | Some internal improvements (not completed yet) 3 years ago
  kataras 15feaf0237 Update to version 8.5.5 | Read HISTORY.md 3 years ago
  Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos 49ee8f2d75 Update to version 8.5.0 | NEW: MVC Output Result | Read HISTORY.md 4 years ago
  kataras d664f3f0d6 Better documentation for the `Application#Logger()` 4 years ago
  kataras 5752625c80 Update to 8.0.2. Read HISTORY.md for the surpise 4 years ago
  kataras 9f85b74fc9 Add notes for the new lead maintainer of the open-source iris project and align with @get-ion/ion by @hiveminded 4 years ago
  kataras e0128d204d Update to 7.2.0. Read https://github.com/kataras/iris/blob/master/HISTORY.md#th-15-june-2017--v720 4 years ago
  kataras c4f5fae561 a bit linting and some tests are online again 4 years ago
  kataras 5e4b63acb2 Publish the new version :airplane: | Look description please! 4 years ago
  Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos 55c250c93a Add More Examples & Categorized in Folders & TOC 4 years ago
  Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos 7263649002 Make ExecRouteAgainst to work better and fix gorillamux and httprouter, remove of contextlinker policy it's useless now 4 years ago
  Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos 21a18d0990 Add the new Go 1.8 Shutdown | Remove DisableBanner, is controlled by LoggerPolicy now. 4 years ago
  Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos bfeabbd74e Add a httptest simple example, I'm thinking to obselete the gitbook entirely, the feature/_example folder is easier for the users 4 years ago
  Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos 244a59e055 20 days of unstoppable work. Waiting fo go 1.8, I didn't finish yet, some touches remains. 4 years ago
  Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos 8bbd9f8fc5 Happy new year! Update to 6.0.0 | HTTP/2 full support. https://github.com/kataras/iris/issues/565 4 years ago
  Gerasimos Maropoulos 122aab4083 Update to 4.6.0, read HISTORY.md 5 years ago