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-- import ""

Package ring provides a simple implementation of a ring buffer.


var DefaultCapacity int = 10

The DefaultCapacity of an uninitialized Ring buffer.

Changing this value only affects ring buffers created after it is changed.

type Ring

type Ring struct {

Type Ring implements a Circular Buffer. The default value of the Ring struct is a valid (empty) Ring buffer with capacity DefaultCapacify.

func (Ring) Capacity

func (r Ring) Capacity() int

Capacity returns the current capacity of the ring buffer.

func (*Ring) Dequeue

func (r *Ring) Dequeue() interface{}

Dequeue a value from the Ring buffer.

Returns nil if the ring buffer is empty.

func (*Ring) Enqueue

func (r *Ring) Enqueue(i interface{})

Enqueue a value into the Ring buffer.

func (*Ring) Peek

func (r *Ring) Peek() interface{}

Read the value that Dequeue would have dequeued without actually dequeuing it.

Returns nil if the ring buffer is empty.

func (*Ring) SetCapacity

func (r *Ring) SetCapacity(size int)

Set the maximum size of the ring buffer.

func (*Ring) Values

func (r *Ring) Values() []interface{}

Values returns a slice of all the values in the circular buffer without modifying them at all. The returned slice can be modified independently of the circular buffer. However, the values inside the slice are shared between the slice and circular buffer.